DATELINE TOWNSEND: TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 2020, Viral Ministry Day 14

Audios of the 3/18 and 3/25 Lenten Sermon, 3/22 and 3/29 Sermons can be found on the Sermons page. Video of the 3/25 and 3/29 Sermon is also available on the Sermons page. (see third post below: "Video Sermons.")


COVID -19 HOTLINE: 1-844-568-0701 Talk to a real live nurse if you have symptoms, questions, or believe you need to be tested.

VIDEO SERMONS are available on the "From St. John" page, drop down box "Sermons." Select the sermon you wish to see and hear.  If you have slow internet speed, you may click on the audio sermon to  hear without buffering interruptions.

WEDNESDAY BIBLE CLASS on the topic of "Favorite Hymns of Faith" begins this week, Wednesday April 1, 12 noon, by conference call. The call-in number is 712-451-0461. When prompted enter the access  number 793869.  New students are welcome  The topic of Biblical Archaeology, scheduled to start this month, is postponed. The call service is free of charge.

AMAZING GRACE is the first topic of the conference call class Wed. at noon. Background for this hymn is on our web page "FROM ST. JOHN" drop down "BIBLE STUDY."

14 DAY MARK has been reached since restrictions were first made in our state to slow the growth of the virus. Low county numbers can mean our strategy is effective or it can mean there is not enough testing being done to confirm that, or both. Those who were infected at the time the distancing and assembly size guidelines were put in place, would be showing symptoms by now or in the next week. The guidelines could only help make it better.  Continue to be vigilant and in prayer.

PANTRY served 31 families last Wednesday, about 50% more than usual.  Our next open date of April 8 may be huge.  At present we are estimating 70-80 families may come through on that date.  Donations to the Pantry, both cash and food stuffs, are needed to get ready. Mail donations to Christian Food Pantry, PO Box 183, Lakewood, WI  54138.  Call Scott at 715-850-0768 to arrange drop-off of food stuffs.  Thank you, and God Bless!

GROCERY SHOPPING: If you need groceries and are reluctant to leave home during this crisis period, the Christian Volunteers are willing to delivery your groceries. Order online <> and the volunteers will deliver to your door.  Right now the service is available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Questions, or if you don't have a computer, call Scott 715-850-0768.                                                                                                                               For safety reasons, we will not enter your home, and a list of precautions for unpacking your order will be included.  

MIKES SUPERMARKET has senior hours each day 8-10. 

CHRISTIAN THRIFT Store is closed until further notice.  Anyone who would like to be in a small socially distant workbee at the store, call Karen 715-473-4803

SAFE AT HOME is now a state mandate. All non-essential businesses are closed, even our church office. For pastoral assistance, call Pastor Mueller 715-850-2789 or Jodi 920-495-2773.

PROTECTIVE PROCEDURES  are important to our health and the health of those we meet. Act like you and everyone you meet is a  carrier.   The post office, bank, gas station, and supermarkets are hot spots. Keep a distance of six feet between you and others.  Avoid coughing and sneezing people. When you get home, put your mail down,  unpack groceries, stow them on the shelves and in fridge, put the bags and boxes outside or in a remote place you won't touch, then wash your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds. After reading your mail, wash your hands again.  Avoid touching your face; if you itch get it with your sleeve.  Put clothes you wear out and about away in the closet and change into your comfy home outfits. Always wash hands before meals. Keep surfaces you touch often sanitized with a bleach/water solution.  Too much? NOT!  The one chance in 10, 50, or more of becoming sick is eliminated.

IF YOU'RE ILL, have questions, or think you need to be tested for the Coronavirus, call 1-844-568-0701. This is a hot line where you can talk to a nurse directly and not go through a menu of number buttons to push. 

DON'T TOUCH Your Face is a game couples can play. When you catch your spouse doing that, it's a 25 cent fine.  After a while you'll have enough to order a take-out!  It's fun once you get over the nagging and embarrassment of being caught.  

WOMEN'S BIBLE Study books are in.  Call Jodi and arrange a time to pick yours up.

PLEASE BE A GOOD STEWARD with your gifts: take care of your physical body; take care of your spiritual body including regular devotion and prayer time; take care of your church by sharing your gifts, ie., your talents in watching and taking care of your neighbor and being a good witness of your faith.  Please don't forget to continue to support your church with your treasure.  Please either send or drop off your offering at church.  WE HAVE IT SET UP NOW THAT YOU MAY DROP YOUR OFFERING AT OUR LOCAL LAONA STATE BANKS DRIVE THRU OR NIGHT DEPOSIT.  PLEASE PUT OFFERING ENVELOPE INTO  A SMALL MAILING ENVELOPE AND WRITE "ST. JOHN LUTHERAN CHURCH" ON THE FRONT OF IT. Jodi is not there on a regular basis during the virus crisis, so call 715-276-7214 before you come.


RATIONALE for cancelling events, gatherings, school, and sports is to slow down the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.  Viruses can only survive by invading live cells. Viruses will die when they have no host or their hosts ward them off by means of the immune system, hand washing, sanitizing, and keeping hands away from one's face.  If we can isolate hosts so they cannot transmit viruses to fresh hosts, eventually the virus population will top out and decrease.  This is why we are asked to practice "social distancing,"  enhanced by sanitary practices like hand washing and disinfecting.  Already China and South Korea have seen a turn-around using this distancing approach, and hopefully other affected countries including our own will follow suit. We are also very importantly trying to limit the need of hospital facilities to those who need it most and spread the demand for medical care over a longer time. VIRUSES DON'T SPREAD; PEOPLE SPREAD