Viral Ministry Day 82         

The Trinity Service, 6/6-7/2020, Pentecost Service, 5/30-31,  7th Sunday of Easter Service, 5/23-24, 6th Sunday of Easter Service, 5/16-17, 5th Sunday of Easter Service, 5/9-10, 4th Sunday of Easter Service, 5/2-3, 3rd Sunday of Easter Service, 4/25-26, and the Second Sunday of Easter Service, 4/18-19, are posted to Facebook and can be accessed on our website through this link. Holy Week Services and Easter Sunday Service are posted on Facebook and can be accessed on our website through this link. Audios of Lenten Sermons, 3/22 and 3/29 Sermons can be found on the Sermons page. Video of the 3/25, 3/29 and 4/1 Sermon is also available on the Sermons page. Palm Sunday Mini Service has been added as a video and audio, and Facebook Link.

MARGE SAUL has passed to eternal life. She and her husband John were active members about thirty years ago. The funeral was from St. John Saturday. 

TRINITY SUNDAY service is posted. Liturgy is page 260. Click on the purple field above.

TELECONFERENCE BIBLE Classes will continue on the phone and now also  in person at church Wednesdays 11:50. Bring a bag lunch for our preceding fellowship at 11:15.

BIBLE CLASS on "The Story of Angels" meets in-person at the church Thursdays at 10.

CHRISTIAN THRIFT Store will accept donations at the store Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-2.  All donors must be masked to enter the building. The retail portion of the store remains closed at least for the month of June.

 Posts below are informational and will remain on this page for several weeks

COVID-19 Hotline:Speak to a live nurse without going through menu options.1-844-568-0701 This number is thru Langlade Hospital in Antigo

OCONTO TESTING for Covid-19 is thru Oconto Falls Hospital.  You must have a doctor's referral to be tested and be showing one symptom.  Phone number for the O.F. Hospital test is 920-431-1810

GROCERY SHOPPING: If you need groceries and don't want to leave home during this crisis period, the Christian Volunteers are willing to delivery your groceries. Order online <> and the volunteers will deliver to your door.  Right now the service is available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Questions, or if you don't have a computer, call Scott 715-850-0768.                                                                                                                              

MIKES SUPERMARKET has senior hours each day 8-10. 

OFFERINGS for St. John while the church is closed may be dropped off at any branch of Laona State Bank.  Make sure you mark your envelope "St. John, Townsend," as there are a few St. John congregations from Gillett to Laona.

MASKS or facial coverings are recommended in public for everybody.  About 25% of infections are transmitted by exhalation of an infected person.  A facial covering blocks droplets containing the virus.

PANTRY DONATIONS may be mailed to PO Box 183, Lakewood 54138.  Foodstuffs may be dropped off by arrangement with Scott 715-850-0768. Thanks for your generous support!

PROTECTIVE PROCEDURES  are important to our health and the health of those we meet. Act like you and everyone you meet is a  carrier.   The post office, bank, gas station, and supermarkets are hot spots. Keep a distance of six feet between you and others.  Avoid coughing and sneezing people. When you get home, put your mail down,  unpack groceries, stow them on the shelves and in fridge, put the bags and boxes outside or in a remote place you won't touch, then wash your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds. After reading your mail, wash your hands again.  Avoid touching your face; if you itch get it with your sleeve.  Put clothes you wear out and about away in the closet and change into your comfy home outfits. Always wash hands before meals. Keep surfaces you touch often sanitized with a bleach/water solution.  Too much? NOT!  The one chance in 10, 50, or more of becoming sick is eliminated.

IF YOU'RE ILL, have questions, or think you need to be tested for the Coronavirus, call 1-844-568-0701. This is a hot line where you can talk to a nurse directly and not go through a menu of number buttons to push. This hot-line is a service of Langlade Hospital in Antigo.


RATIONALE for cancelling events, gatherings, school, and sports is to slow down the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.  Viruses can only survive by invading live cells. Viruses will die when they have no host or their hosts ward them off by means of the immune system, hand washing, sanitizing, and keeping hands away from one's face.  If we can isolate hosts so they cannot transmit viruses to fresh hosts, eventually the virus population will top out and decrease.  This is why we are asked to practice "social distancing,"  enhanced by sanitary practices like hand washing and disinfecting.  We are also very importantly trying to limit the need of hospital facilities and spread the demand for medical care over a longer time. VIRUSES DON'T SPREAD; PEOPLE SPREAD THE VIRUS!