BIBLE STUDY -  Week of MAY 31 (June 1), 2020

Next week we will offer in-person Bible study at the church Wednesday 11:50, with brown bag lunch at 11:15 on the topic of Favorite Hymn Texts; This class is also offered by teleconference, call Scott for the call-in number.

Thursday we offer a teleconference class at 8 am on Favorite Hymns, and an in-person class at church on "The Story of Angels," at 10 am.

For classes in-person at church please bring/wear your masks and practice social distancing in the fellowship hall. It's also suggested that any time during the summer you have contact with family or groups from infected areas of the state or country, that you not attend class in-person that week and the following week.

Next week's hymn class is on "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing," Lutheran Service Book #686.  The backstory and Scripture texts will be posted Sunday.