BIBLE STUDY -  Week of September 27

"THE STORY OF ANGELS," led by Pastor Mueller is suspended until further notice due to covid concerns.

This week we  will offer a conference call Bible class on the topic "Biblical Archaeology: Where Word and World Cross."  Students may attend remotely by telephone. Call Scott for the conference number.  The call-in number is ten digits with no extensions or codes to punch in.  After you announce yourself and are acknowledged, please mute your phone so that extraneous noise doesn't get into the line. Un-mute when you wish to participate in the conversation.

This Wednesday morning the discussion covers "The Birth, Childhood, and Pre-ministry Years of Jesus"  Our question of the week is:                               

Why was Jesus Christ born when He was?   

       Over the course of fifteen sessions we are connecting God' s plan of salvation as revealed in Scripture to the evidence in the soil of our planet that the events described in the Bible actually happened.  Call Scott 715-850-0768 to join the class.  There are six sessions remaining, mostly on the study of excavations connected to New Testament scripture.