BIBLE STUDY -  Week of February 28

Wednesday we offer a conference call Bible class on the topic "Parables of Jesus." Students may attend remotely by telephone. Get the  conference number from Scott by calling him at at 715-850-0768.  

The parables we will be discussing this week are: "The Good Shepherd" and "The Lost Sheep."  Read John 10:1-18 and Matthew 18: 10-14. Tom and Lori Yahr will lead the class on March 3.

For background info we recommend the Lutheran Study Bible.  If you're looking on-line for commentaries, go to <>

Click on any chapter in Matthew, then select Matthew 18 from the heading. From <> select any chapter in John and then select John 10 from the heading.

This class is in place of the Breakfast Bible Class, so it meets early, Wednesdays at 7:15 am Central Standard Time. We have students from other time zones, so make sure you take where you live into account.

Start your morning with inspirational discussion and grab a cup of coffee to go with it!